ITSM ScriptRunner Series

This collection is a 5 part series encouraging the adoption of key 'ITSM' Jira best-practices using ScriptRunner.

This collection brings together ScriptRunner features which allow ITSM practices such as updating all Linked incidents, count alerts using Scripted Fields, Using PostFunctions to set Remedial Action Priority, Optimising the Jira Service Desk behaviour, and constraining the Create Issue dialog with customised rules.

What does this collection showcase?

  • How ScriptRunner enables a one-stop shop for updating all linked incidents in one go, saving time and cost for IT teams by automating these tasks and provide time to focus on more critical issues
  • Using ScriptRunner Behaviours, you can now control the user interaction in a Jira Service Desk form, enabling IT teams to decipher key information by controlling what input the user must provide in a support desk form
  • Using the power of Behaviours again, we see how to constrain the Create Issue dialog in Jira, providing more control over how your Jira users interact with the form
  • Supercharging custom fields to show the number of alerts in an issue, users will learn how powerful Scripted Fields is with this example
  • Tailor your Jira workflow to put in place a post function that sets a remedial action priority, for example, automatically set the remedial action issue priority to 'Highest' if it has 2 or more linked alerts.


  • A demo/magic button Jira with Service Desk and Software license
  • A demo/magic administration account
  • A ScriptRunner for Jira Server license (evaluation or commercial):
  • A basic understanding of Jira

Before you start

Make sure that you have a version JIRA that you can test on and to which you have administrative access. You can download a free trial of JIRA server here: and use the installation guide here:

Make sure the JIRA instance has Service Desk installed and licensed.

Make sure you have ScriptRunner and Project Configurator installed and licensed on your instance of choice.

Make sure you have downloaded the Project Configurator export file from here:

Created 2 years ago