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Bulk Update Multiple Issue Resolutions


Bulk update the resolution of all issues returned from the JQL search which meet the specified conditions.


As a Jira admin, I want to change the resolution of a large number of issues which were mislabeled. I can use this script to update the resolution of all these issues to their corresponding one (like "Duplicate").

Good to Know

  • You can use this code as part of a larger script to update the issues resolution based on additional logic.
  • You can look up the available resolution names in "Jira Settings" > "ISSUE ATTRIBUTES" > "Resolutions".


  • Jira Jira
  • ScriptRunner for Jira ScriptRunner for Jira
// Define a JQL query to search for the issues on which you want to update the resolution final jqlQuery = "project = TEST AND issueType = Bug" // The Name of the resolution to be set def resolutionName = 'Duplicate' // Search for the issues we want to update def searchReq = get("/rest/api/2/search") .queryString("jql", jqlQuery) .queryString("fields", "resolution") .asObject(Map) // Verify the search completed successfully assert searchReq.status == 200 // Save the search results as a Map def searchResult = searchReq.body as Map def issues = searchResult.issues as List // Iterate through the search results and update the resolution for each issue returned def successStatusByIssueKey = issues.collectEntries { Map issue -> // Log out what the value from the resolution field was for the original issue. def fields = issue.fields as Map"The original resolution was ${fields.resolution ?: 'null'} for the ${issue.key} issue.") def result = put("/rest/api/2/issue/${issue.key}") .queryString("overrideScreenSecurity", Boolean.TRUE) .header('Content-Type', 'application/json') .body([ fields: [ resolution: [name: resolutionName] ] ]).asString() // Log out the issues updated or which failed to update if (result.status == 204) {"Resolution set to ${resolutionName} for the ${issue.key} issue") } else { logger.warn("Failed to set the resolution to ${resolutionName} on the ${issue.key} issue. ${result.status}: ${result.body}") } // Collect the success status by issue key to show them as part of the script return value [(issue.key): (result.status == 204)] } "Status by issue key (updated?): ${successStatusByIssueKey}"
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