Create Sub-tasks when an Issue is Created


This script automatically creates sub-tasks when a new issue is created.


I require a set of sub-tasks to be added to each new issue I create. Usually, I have to create these sub-tasks manually, which is time consuming. Using this script I can automate the process, creating sub-tasks for each new issue without the need for manual configuration.

Good to Know

  • This script is not executed when sub-tasks are created.
  • Sub-tasks are added to a particular issue with the same type as parent issue.


Jira Jira

//If issue is a subtask, script is not executed if (issue.fields.issuetype.subtask) { return } // New created issue def issueKey = issue.key // Get the issue def issueResp = get("/rest/api/2/issue/${issueKey}").asObject(Map) assert issueResp.status == 200 def issue = issueResp.body as Map // Get the issue types for the instance def typeResp = get('/rest/api/2/issuetype').asObject(List) assert typeResp.status == 200 def issueTypes = typeResp.body as List def listOfsummaries = ['Subtask summary 1', 'Subtask summary 2'] // The summaries to use for def issueType = "Sub-task" // The Sub Task Issue Type to Use // Get the sub task issue type to use def issueTypeId = issueTypes.find { it.subtask && == issueType }?.id assert issueTypeId: "No subtasks issue type found called '${issueType}'" // Get the project to create the subtask in def project = (issue.fields as Map).project listOfsummaries.forEach { summary -> // Create the subtask def resp = post("/rest/api/2/issue") .header("Content-Type", "application/json") .body( fields: [ project : project, issuetype: [ id: issueTypeId ], parent : [ id: ], summary : summary ]) .asObject(Map) // Get and validate the newly created subtask def subtask = resp.body // If the sub task created successfully return a success message along with its key if (resp.status >= 200 && resp.status < 300 && subtask && subtask.key != null) {'Success - Sub Task Created with the key of ' + resp.body.key.toString()) } else { logger.error("${resp.status}: ${resp.body}") } }
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