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Set Form Field Values from Issue in Picker


Behaviours allow you to change how fields behave on issue create or update screens. Use this script to populate the values of a new issue with the values of an issue selected in an single-select issue picker field.


As a support engineer, I create development issues associated with problems reported by users. Some field values are replicated between the created development issue and the user request. This script allows me to set the values automatically, saving me the time of manually copying it across.

Good to Know

  • Associate this script with a single-select issue picker field.


  • Jira Jira (8.0 - 8.14)
  • ScriptRunner for Jira ScriptRunner for Jira (6.18.0)
import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor import import com.atlassian.jira.datetime.DateTimeFormatter import com.atlassian.jira.issue.customfields.impl.DateTimeCFType import com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.CustomField import com.onresolve.jira.groovy.user.FieldBehaviours import org.apache.log4j.Logger import org.apache.log4j.Level import groovy.transform.BaseScript import java.sql.Timestamp import java.text.SimpleDateFormat @BaseScript FieldBehaviours fieldBehaviours // Set the log level def log = Logger.getLogger(getClass()) log.setLevel(Level.DEBUG) // The issue picker field name param and also the field this behaviour is connected to in the behaviour final issuePickerFieldName = "Related Issue" // The fields to populate name params final textFieldName = 'TextFieldA' final dateFieldName = 'DateFieldA' final dateTimeFieldName = 'DateTimeFieldA' def issuePickerField = getFieldByName(issuePickerFieldName) def issuePickerFieldValue = issuePickerField.value //If there is no value, do nothing if (!issuePickerFieldValue) { return } log.debug("""Value = ${issuePickerFieldValue} Value Type = ${issuePickerFieldValue.class}""") def relatedIssue = ComponentAccessor.issueManager.getIssueByCurrentKey(issuePickerFieldValue as String) if (!relatedIssue) { log.error("Could not find issue with key $issuePickerFieldValue") return } log.debug("""Selected Issue Key = ${relatedIssue.key} Selected Issue Summary = ${relatedIssue.summary}""") def customFieldManager = ComponentAccessor.customFieldManager // Find the fields on the current [create/edit/transition] screen and populate its fields with values from the selected issue def myTextField = customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectsByName(textFieldName)[0] def myDateField = customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectsByName(dateFieldName)[0] def myDateTimeField = customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectsByName(dateTimeFieldName)[0] // Get the values from the picked issue fields if they exist def relatedCustomTextFieldValue = (myTextField ? relatedIssue.getCustomFieldValue(myTextField) : null) as String def relatedCustomDateFieldValue = (myDateField ? relatedIssue.getCustomFieldValue(myDateField) : null) as Timestamp def relatedCustomDateTimeFieldValue = (myDateTimeField ? relatedIssue.getCustomFieldValue(myDateTimeField) : null) as Timestamp log.debug("""Related issue values: summary = ${relatedIssue.summary} custom Text Field = ${relatedCustomTextFieldValue} custom Date Field = ${relatedCustomDateFieldValue} custom Date Field Type = ${relatedCustomDateFieldValue.class} custom Date Time Field = ${relatedCustomDateTimeFieldValue} custom Date Time Field Type = ${relatedCustomDateTimeFieldValue.class}""") // Populate basic TextField single line getFieldByName("TextFieldA") .setFormValue(relatedCustomTextFieldValue) .setDescription("Defaulted value set from related issue ${relatedIssue.key} ") // Populate Date Field getFieldByName("DateFieldA") .setFormValue(dateFormatterForUser(relatedCustomDateFieldValue, myDateField)) .setDescription("Defaulted value set from related issue ${relatedIssue.key} ") // Populate DateTime Field getFieldByName("DateTimeFieldA") .setFormValue(dateFormatterForUser(relatedCustomDateTimeFieldValue, myDateTimeField)) .setDescription("Defaulted value set from related issue ${relatedIssue.key} ") /** * Used to get the correct format for setting date or date time fields with behaviours * * @param inputDate The input date to format * @param sourceField The custom field where the input date comes from * @return The formatted date */ static String dateFormatterForUser(Timestamp inputDate, CustomField sourceField) { //Get the jira time format property key def dateFormatProperty = (sourceField.customFieldType instanceof DateTimeCFType) ? APKeys.JIRA_DATE_TIME_PICKER_JAVA_FORMAT : APKeys.JIRA_DATE_PICKER_JAVA_FORMAT //Get the formatString so we can format dates how Jira expects def requiredDateFormat = ComponentAccessor.applicationProperties.getDefaultBackedString(dateFormatProperty) //Get the Jira DateTimeFormatter so we can get the correct locale associated with the user def user = ComponentAccessor.jiraAuthenticationContext.loggedInUser def jiraFormatter = ComponentAccessor.getComponent(DateTimeFormatter).forUser(user) //Build the formatter object def formatterForFieldType = new SimpleDateFormat(requiredDateFormat, jiraFormatter.locale) //Return the formatted date string that can be used to set Date or DateTime fields formatterForFieldType.format(inputDate) }
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