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Show Assignee History on Issue Details Page


Use a ScriptRunner Web Panel to display a record of all users who were assigned to the issue.


I am a team leader. There is an issue in the 'in progress' status for a long period of time, and I want to see which team members have participated in it. With this script, I can see which members have been assigned to the issue.

Good to Know

  • The Location must be set as atl.jira.view.issue.right.context


  • Jira Jira (8.0 - 8.14)
  • ScriptRunner for Jira ScriptRunner for Jira (6.18.0)
import com.atlassian.jira.avatar.AvatarService import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor import import com.atlassian.jira.issue.Issue import groovy.xml.MarkupBuilder import java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter import static com.atlassian.jira.issue.IssueFieldConstants.ASSIGNEE // the upper limited on the assignees to be displayed final historyDepth = 5 def issue = context.issue as Issue def counter = 0 def baseUrl = ComponentAccessor.applicationProperties.getString(APKeys.JIRA_BASEURL) def avatarService = ComponentAccessor.getComponent(AvatarService) def loggedInUser = ComponentAccessor.jiraAuthenticationContext.loggedInUser new MarkupBuilder(writer).table { ComponentAccessor.changeHistoryManager.getChangeHistories(issue).reverseEach { def changeItems = it.changeItems if (changeItems.field.first() == ASSIGNEE && changeItems.newstring.first() && counter < historyDepth) { def user = ComponentAccessor.userManager.getUserByKey(changeItems.newvalue[0] as String) def format = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern('dd/MMM/yyyy') def date = it.timePerformed.toLocalDateTime().toLocalDate() tr { td( style: 'width: 90px;', date.format(format) ) td( class: 'jira-user-name user-hover jira-user-avatar jira-user-avatar-small', rel: 'admin', 'id': 'project-vignette_admin', style: 'margin: 1px 0px 1px 0px; height: 24px;', href: "$baseUrl/secure/ViewProfile.jspa?name=$" ) { span( class: 'aui-avatar aui-avatar-small' ) { span( class: 'aui-avatar-inner' ) { img( src: avatarService.getAvatarURL(loggedInUser, user), alt: ) } } } td( user.displayName ) } } counter++ } }
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