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Update the Priority of an Issue in Jira


Automatically update the priority of issues in Jira. This can be used for bulk updating priorities, or as part of a larger script.


When issues have been open for more than one week without them being transitioned into 'In Progress', I want the issue priority to increase one level above their current priority. For example, I want the 'Low' priority issues to change to 'Medium', 'Medium' priority issues to change to 'High'.


  • Jira Jira (8.0 - 8.14)
  • ScriptRunner for Jira ScriptRunner for Jira (6.18.0)
import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor import com.atlassian.jira.event.type.EventDispatchOption // the key of the issue we will update final String issueKey = "JRA-1" // the name of the priority to set final String priorityName = "High" // set to true in order to send an email final boolean sendMail = false def issueService = ComponentAccessor.issueService def loggedInUser = ComponentAccessor.jiraAuthenticationContext.loggedInUser def issue = ComponentAccessor.issueManager.getIssueByCurrentKey(issueKey) def availablePriorities = ComponentAccessor.constantsManager.priorities def highPriority = availablePriorities.find { == priorityName } assert highPriority : "Could not find priority with name $priorityName. Available priorities are ${availablePriorities*.name.join(", ")}" def issueInputParams = issueService.newIssueInputParameters() issueInputParams.with { priorityId = } def updateValidationResult = issueService.validateUpdate(loggedInUser, issue?.id, issueInputParams) assert updateValidationResult.valid : updateValidationResult.errorCollection def updateResult = issueService.update(loggedInUser, updateValidationResult, EventDispatchOption.ISSUE_UPDATED, sendMail) assert updateResult.valid : updateResult.errorCollection
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