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Working with Project Configurator and ScriptRunner for Jira - Asynchronous Exports


Asynchronously export the details of selected projects from Jira using Project Configurator.


As a project developer, I want to copy information about specific projects to another instance. Using this asynchronous method, I can export the data from one instance in the background, allowing me to continue working whilst the process completes. I can then use this exported data to import project details into another instance.

Good to Know

  • With the Asynchronous mode, the operation is launched in a background thread. The progress can be queried to, for example, display a progress bar. When it has finished, it is possible to see the result of the operation and run tasks, such as sending a notification to the user.
  • This script is a basic use case, it does not take into consideration all the operations carried out by the Synchrony.


  • Jira Jira (8.0 - 8.14)
  • ScriptRunner for Jira ScriptRunner for Jira (6.18.0)
  • null Project Configurator
import com.atlassian.jira.component.ComponentAccessor import com.awnaba.projectconfigurator.operationsapi.ExportResult import com.awnaba.projectconfigurator.operationsapi.ProjectConfigExporter import com.awnaba.projectconfigurator.operationsapi.TaskHelper import groovy.xml.MarkupBuilder // Get an instance of the export method def exporter = ComponentAccessor.getOSGiComponentInstanceOfType(ProjectConfigExporter) def taskHelper = ComponentAccessor.getOSGiComponentInstanceOfType(TaskHelper) def stringWriter = new StringWriter() def content = new MarkupBuilder(stringWriter) // Define a set to store the keys of all of the projects that we wish to export def projectKeys = ['DEMO', 'DEMO1'].toSet() // Define a map to store all of the export options that we require def exportOptions = [:] as Map // Add values to our exportOptions map exportOptions.put('filterCFMode', 'filterUnusedCFExtended') // Options: none, filterUnusedCFExtended, all exportOptions.put('jiraFilterExportMode', 'none') // Options: none, global, projects, global-or-projects, shared, all exportOptions.put('jiraDashboardExportMode', 'none') // Options: none, global, projects, global-or-projects, shared, all exportOptions.put('agileBoardsExportMode', 'none') // Options: none, projects, all // Try to generate the export safely throwing an exception if generating the export fails. try { // Call the asynchronous export method passing in the export options map and the project keys set as paramaters def exportResult = exporter.export(exportOptions, projectKeys) // Check if the export completed successfully and if so generate the XML file // If the export failed notify the user // Possible return codes that can be checked = EXPORT_STARTED, NOT_LOGGED_IN, UNAUTHORIZED, UNLICENSED, NO_PROJECTS, //EXPORT_ALREADY_RUNNING if ('EXPORT_STARTED' != exportResult.returnCode.toString()) { content.html { p("The export did not start successfully with a return code of ${exportResult.returnCode}") } return stringWriter.toString() // If the export was successful write the XML out to a file and notify the user where the file is stored } // Get the task ID of of the export from the Config Op Call Result object def taskId = exportResult.taskId // Get the task descriptor object for the current task provided by the task helper class def taskDescriptor = taskHelper.getTaskState(taskId) // Wait until the export task is finished while (!taskDescriptor.finished) { // Wait 0.5 seconds before getting a new instance of the taskDescriptor sleep(500) // Get a new instance of the task descriptor taskDescriptor = taskHelper.getTaskState(taskId) } //Return the location to the created export file content.html { p("Export file created at ${((ExportResult) taskHelper.getResult(taskDescriptor)).exportedResultFile.path}") } return stringWriter.toString() // Throw an exception if the XML export file cannot be generated } catch (IOException e) { content.html { p('An unexpected error occurred. Please check your atlassian-jira.log for more information') p(e) } return stringWriter.toString() } catch (InterruptedException e) { content.html { p('An error occurred while the thread sleep') p(e) } return stringWriter.toString() }
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